Blog 4: Upcoming Plans

The David Archuleta show was a total success! There were good turnouts and awesome feedback. I think everyone that went really enjoyed themselves and is excited for David to come back in December.

Since we now have a big gap before the next show (Patriots and Pioneers) Center Stage has really been trying to utilize this time to familiarize the community and the school of what Center Stage really is.

We plan to really emphasize our social media usage, participate in the 4th of July parade, and come up with creative ways to get our name out there. One of our team members Amy is going to film each of the Center Stage members and get their input of who we are, what we do, and what everyone should know about the purpose of Center Stage.

We also have plans to have an upcoming food eating contest held in the MC to promote the Patriots and Pioneers show. We wanted to promote this performance with something that really emphasized America.  What better way than host a hotdog & watermelon contest? 🙂 We plan to give free tickets to the winners, and gain a better following on social media given the audience in the MC.

We hope these ideas will really spread the word about what we are, the shows and performances that we bring to campus and the involvement we have with the student body. As a team, we’re excited to really get this ball rolling and see what else we can come up with.


Blog 3: Updates

We’re in the busiest part of the semester right now in Center Stage! It’s been quite the whirlwind, but such a blast.

Josh Turner came to BYU-I last weekend and the turnout was awesome. Tickets sold out instantly back when they became available so in terms of promotion, we have really been putting our focus on selling more David Archuleta tickets.

Most of this promotion has taken place heavily on social media. We held a contest on Facebook to win two front row tickets to the shows.  The participants had to comment one reason why they deserve the free tickets. We had a lot of people participate and get involved with our social media platforms.

As a team, Center Stage has been working the MC booth a lot in order to pass out flyers and get everyone involved with Center Stage.

This semester we have really pushed Social Media and tried to get the whole community of Rexburg more involved with our updates, upcoming shows, and contests.  We are steadily increasing in numbers.

Each week we get a survey back from those who attended the previous show and we are finding that more and more people are hearing about us and the performances through our social media.  Because we see that what we do is working, we are continuing to enhance our social media presence and activity.

It’s not too late to buy tickets to David Archuleta for this weekend, so get yours now! It’s going to be a great show!!

Blog 2: What I’ve Been Up To



Center Stage is in the peak of the semester with our major shows just around the corner.  As a marketing team we are doing everything we can to sell out both David Archuleta shows, promote our smaller shows still to come, and get heavy social media traffic on our platforms and pages.

Each week our team has been meeting to come up with different and creative ideas to positively promote the shows, and then implement them throughout the week.

This Friday, Ultimi, a group of three tenors are coming to perform.  It’s going to be a great show! We have been promoting this show at the booth in the MC and making social media posts.  At the same time, we have been holding contests/giveaways on our Facebook and Instagram pages to win free front row tickets to David Archuleta and the meet-&-greet. We are also giving away two free tickets to the sold-out Josh Turner show. (So follow Center Stage on Facebook and enter to win!)

Our goal behind all of this is to really get the student body to ‘like’ and see our posts through social media.  That way, students aren’t just trying to win free tickets but they will always get updates on what shows are coming to BYU-I for the rest of the semester and in the future semesters to come.

The next two and a half weeks are going to be very busy. As a team, we are so excited!

Blog 1: Center Stage

Center Stage is a Performing Art Series sponsored by Brigham Young University-Idaho. My practicum consists of working with a team of ten students on marketing and promoting the events each semester on campus.

This is my second semester participating on the team and some of the goals I have is to really get involved and dive into the practicum with full effort. I don’t want to just do the bare minimum and expect that my team will pick up any slack. I could make this a semester of jumping through the hoops and checking off what needs to be done, but I want to do more than that.

This practicum is a wonderful experience and an awesome way to get involved with not just the school but with the community as well. I aspire to go into the event planning side of public relations. This practicum really helps me get an inside look and gain experience in that field.

A way I’m going to accomplish and implement this is by volunteering more. Every week during our Monday evening meeting we have lots of things we can sign up for. I’ll be honest and say that last semester I wasn’t always the first one to raise my hand. I would usually wait for someone else to. But I’m going to change that this semester. I also want to have the best attitude about it. This semester I’m going to step outside of my comfort zone and I’m going push myself to make it the best experience that I can.

P.S. David Archuleta is coming the first weekend of June…so get your tickets now. 🙂



“The One.”

Truth be told- I’ve gotten tired of talking about celebrities that already get enough attention and never get out of the media. Blah. I’m so annoyed by all of them. Sorry It’s taken me six weeks to get the idea… but better late than never.

So really what I’m saying is- you’re welcome for not making this post about Caitlyn Jenner. (Although I do have plenty to say about him… her…him.)

And thanks to my husband being a super matrix nerd, today I want to talk about Keanu Reeves. (Had no idea who he was exactly until about… one hour ago when I started researching him.) Don’t get me wrong- the name sounded familiar, but like…. Whenever someone said his name, I assumed they were talking about a woman. Who sings?


I mean- I’ve seen The Matrix (and hated it. Gave me nightmares at least 4 times). But putting the face to THE name, Keanu Reeves is new to me,

However, given my thorough research of him, I give him an A, if being a somewhat good person was a grade. I mean, this doesn’t mean the world loves him, and I know he’s not perfect. He’s just a man remember?

But he does have a good reputation with the public, and he hasn’t pulled any horrific or horrendous stunts like 75% of the Hollywood world has.

I mean he has had some of his movies take a major flop. But with his success, he lives a surprisingly low-key life. As I watched interviews so many people that have worked with him and closely interacted with him have credited him to being so down to earth and kind. They say he’s genuine and actually takes the time to learn people’s names and things about them.

One person who was just a maintenance worker on set said that Keanu knew him by name and knew about his wife and children and frequently asked about them.

OK- bonus points for Keanu there.

It’s also rumored that with his $144 million earnings from The Matrix sequels he donated $80 million of it to the special effects and makeup staff. He was quoted saying that “Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries.”

That’s not the only charity work he has done. It’s impressive how he spends his money and uses his reputation and fame in a positive beneficial way not only for the public, but for himself as well.

So Keanu Reeves… consider yourself one fan richer.

Cara Delevingne.

It’s pronounced CAR-ah (none of that American accent business please)…. And I won’t even attempt her last name. Maybe just look it up?

She’s British. Born in London.


Do we all know who she is?

It’s okay if you don’t! I mean this girl just came around.

You may have first seen her around 2011ish-2012 as a model for Burberry, Stella McCartney, Tom Ford, Chanel, Vogue, Fendi, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY, Zara… would you like me to keep going? (Because the list goes on.)

If you don’t keep up with the fashion world you might know her from recent movies: Paper Towns and PAN. She’s playing the role of Enchantress in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad… Pretty much what I’m trying to point out is she’s an actress too.

She’s also reinvented and redefined the “beauty” of eyebrows.



See?! eyebrows for days.

See?! eyebrows for days.

She plays the drums, sings, is a wicked beat boxer and is best friends with Taylor Swift, Rihanna, fellow model- Kendall Jenner, and pretty much the whole Hollywood socialite scene.

So what I’m saying is- its about time to know who she is.

With the world at her feet, followed by millions (3.2 million on Facebook, 3.9 million on Twitter, 20.2 million on Instagram) this girl has established her fame.

But let me tell you- this girl has not only changed eyebrow culture, but she also is defined as the bad girl who gets away with no consequences. (Okay, I made that one up, but I feel like it’s true!)

The girl gets away with so much completely unscathed. At least publicly- no one raises an eyebrow. (See what I did there? …Eyebrows.)

One of the first interviews I ever watched of her was on some ‘Good Morning Sacramento’ show promoting her movie. This interview flopped so hard! She was very visibly cranky, rude, and even more sarcastic than me! She rolled her eyes at every question the hosts asked and the entire interview abruptly ended leaving everyone dazed and confused.


She’s a strong voice and advocate for all things controversial. Which stirs the pot on how people view her (depending on your own personal views).

Her racy, poignant comments and actions are mostly just deemed as acceptable.

I personally think this could stem from the fact that she was never a Disney Star, so we never saw her sheltered, innocent fame. We had nothing to base her off of.

She isn’t very friendly, and keeps a very model-like scowl on her face that deems her mysterious and untouchable.


But how long is this hard, bad girl front going to last? Should she slow her role?

Is it eventually going to get old and wash her out?

If it’s not an act, does she really care how people view her?


Because as far as her PR history goes, the more she goes against the expected and acceptable, the more people like her.

Who knows, maybe that’s the whole tactic after all?

Then in that case… cheers to the Brit with incredible eyebrows.


The Rise, the Fall & the Comeback

I remember being in the first grade, and having my first celebrity obsession.

At that age, the queen of pop was discovered. Maybe not actually “discovered”, but at least discovered by me in my little 6-year-old little world.

I mean this was 1999. This is when she got BIG. It was when her first album was released, when her poster was hung up in my room, when the Barbie version of her was on my birthday, Christmas, and every other possible ‘wish list’.

According to me, she was the coolest person in the world.

And now, arguably (very arguably) she could still be the coolest person in the world. (To someone out there, I’m sure.)

But her popularity has made FULL circle.

If you haven’t figured out who I’m talking about by now, let me give you a hint…

Does Britney Spears sound familiar?

265C823600000578-2981823-Nearly_15_years_ago_Britney_now_33_filmed_the_video_in_2000_when-m-113_1425594762775 Britney-90-s-britney-spears-6826772-1483-1500

Britney has seriously changed the pop world. Hence her title ‘pop princess’ (and I didn’t come up with that one.) britney-spears-concert-2

Her career skyrocketed and she was on top of the world. Then homegirl went a wee bit crazy. Like off the wall crazy. And no, I’m not talking about her song. I’m talking Insane.

Her psychotic break was public and embarrassing. (That comes with the territory of stardom.)

But from holding her kids hostage, to shaving her head in a random salon, getting spontaneous tattoos, flashing the paparazzi more than once, the drugs, the rehab…etc, etc.

b75bbbff28812eebfc3806e8867dfc8a634b0f34 britney-spears-shaved-head


But all this happened over a span of years, and broke the hearts of many little girls, who spent all their adolescent years admiring her.

Now you may ask, how could she have recovered? How could her reputation ever again gain an ounce of respect?

Well, there’s only one way to go after hitting rock bottom.

After figuratively smacking her face hard on the pavement, Britney made an effort.

What’s the corny quote? Something about ‘rising after we fall’? Or falling 99 times but getting up? do you know what I’m saying? Haha.

Well, that’s what Britney did.

She hit the gym, cleaned herself up and started behaving. Rehab helped too with that I’m sure.

But little by little, she came back doing bigger and better things and quickly winning back the approval of the public eye.

She’s matured, and she has recovered her reputation, and she’s still famous.

1381840058_britney-spears-article Britney_Spears_2754876b

Now when she has a PR mishap, it’s just one of those ‘oops, I did it again’ moments and it’s quickly put in the past.

Well-done Britney. What a comeback.

**Now maybe help a sister out and get in touch with Miley.

Once a Belieber, Always a Belieber.

This celebrity has taken us on quite a ride.

I wasn’t a fan.

I became a fan.

Then suddenly grew a strong dislike for him.

Later couldn’t care less for him. (I’d call it becoming neutral.)

And heck, you could say now I’m almost a fan again. (Almost.)

Needless to say, there was a point where I was a “Belieber”. Haven’t we all been at some point or another?

And then I left the country for a time and when I got back, homeboy had tanked his reputation. And I mean TANKED.

The cute little hair flipping boy singing ‘Baby’ was no longer… any of that.

justin b

Justin Biebs single handedly annihilated his achieved, good reputation.

Changing his appearance, his attitude and his temper, his favorable fame went with it.

And finally after being arrested five different times homeboy took a break. (Good call JB.)


Just like any wise PR guru would suggest, he stayed away from the lime light for a good amount of time.

AND THEN- early this year we saw the first of Justin on our good friend Ellen.

He was different.

He was quite, polite, and even admitted that he was nervous talk!


This was not the Justin we knew.

Ellen asked him why he was nervous and he acknowledged his bad behavior and confessed to doing things he knew was wrong.

Later that night J Bieb posted a home video on social media explaining further why he was so nervous in his interview and that he was sorry for the way that he had been acting the last few years.

For his 21st birthday he held a roast on Comedy Central. (Talk about the worst birthday celebration ever.)

But at the end he stood up in front of the crowd and said, “I’m sorry for what I’ve done. That’s not me. I was doing stuff that’s not me…” and goes on to explain that he didn’t know how to handle his fame and states, “ I wasn’t trying to be a jerk.”

Since then he has made five appearances on the Ellen show each time bringing more and more of the crowd to unfathomable excitement.


Ellen isn’t the only one who has noticed his effort to change his reputation with the public. Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Ryan Secreast, to name a few, are some who have also recognized his change.

Justin Bieber, you did it.

You’re slowly, and successfully bringing the light back to your name. (And I’m sure you can thank your PR reps for it.)

We all ‘beliebed’ you could do it!

(Now lets just find you a new hairstylist. STAT.)

K is for Kardashian.

Someone please tell me, why are they famous again?

How did this happen?

Have we done this?

Do we only have ourselves to blame?

Is it society’s fault that this krazed, kolossal Kardashian Empire even exists?

I guess this is time to admit that back in the day I was an avid watcher of KUWTK (for those of you who don’t know, that stands for Keeping Up With The Kardashians). But ever since they became as big as they are, I honestly just can’t keep up!

But can we talk about their fame for a sec?

Literally- by Hollywood standards they are HUGE.

Not just their assets or their bank accounts, but who they are. HUGE!

Wanna know what else is big for the Kardashians?


Their PR plunders.

Those girls have turned the world upside down. And I don’t say that in a well-done, congratulatory way. I mean, they have pushed the limits of society standards and changed the ideal of anything conservative.

Yet they are glorified beyond measure.

So how do they get away with so much on the daily, and still keep their reputation on the rise?

If Kim had made her marriage last more than 72 days, would she have more credibility?

If Kylie told the truth the first time about her lip injections, would more people like her?

If Kris didn’t try so hard to fit in with her daughters, would more people respect her?

For heavens sake, if any of them kept their clothes on more, would more people take this family seriously?

I mean, lets be real. If any other celebrity did half the stunts that the Kardashians have pulled, they would be torn apart.

But this family gets away with it!


Now as I’ve researched and seen over the years, people either love to love or love to hate the “K Klan.”

And I don’t think they even mind! Because hate or love, they are still getting the attention they want.

The kind of attention that gives them a combined net worth of $280 million.


Taylor Swift.


You know who she is.

I know who she is.

Your neighbor knows who she is.

Your mom knows who she is.

You get the point?

Everyone knows who she is.

And she has become quite the Rock star.

(I know you know.)

Recently, as I’m (again) sure we’ve all heard, she donated $50,000 to her back up dancer’s nephew who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Go Taylor!

And this definitely isn’t the first time she’s exemplified her generosity.
There was the time in July when she donated another large sum of money to an 11-year-old fan who had been diagnosed with leukemia.

There was the ‘Swift-mas’ Phenomenon, which brought many to INSANE tears when Taylor sent large Fed-Ex boxes full of personalized Christmas presents and handwritten letters to fans.

And from this there were some major speculations that she was doing all this to flaunt her goodness.

But, I feel like they were just haters? Because as you watch the compilation of her videos, you can see that she genuinely knows things about these people. She actually cares about these ordinary people.

She took a day out of her famous filled life to fly out to Ohio and surprise a loyal fan at her bridal shower.

You think she faked that? Or felt like she HAD to do it?

I think it was real.

Search ‘Taylor Swift generosity’ in Google and you will find 384,000 results in regards to this topic.

Now, I personally have never been a MEGA super fan of her. But given her PR past and her grace toward society I have no choice but to completely respect her.

There have been times when she has been bold and stood up for herself… and stayed polite while doing it.

Does apple music ring a bell? She put her foot down so fast, about releasing her music on a free 3-month trial period.  But she considerately made statements and wrote a public letter asking the CEO to reconsider.

And the company DID!

You know why? Because, I believe, what goes around comes around. People respect her.

She gives genuine thought into what she does for her fans and for her publicity. She really has won an immense following who seem unfailingly devoted to her. And she deserves it.

I predict all humans will become one “Swifty” at a time as Taylor keeps her reputation soaring.

see for yourself: